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Royal Weddings
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Royal Weddings

Rajasthan as the name itself is more than sufficient reflects the meaning also once the celebrity writer Col. James Todd, once wrote

"Rajasthan exhibits the sole example in the history of mankind of a people withstanding every outrage barbarity can inflict or human nature sustain, and bent to the earth, yet rising buoyant from the pressure and making calamity a whetstone to courage"

Rajasthan represents the ultimate confluence of history, chivalry, romance, rugged natural beauty and colour. As Rajasthan is the land of the Rajputs where tales of chivalry and valour abound. Today, long years after the last bugle was sounded, and after the warring kingdoms of erstwhile Rajputana, sheathed their swords, the desert appears romantic, its arts, the expression of a brave yet sensitive race, its architecture the embodiment of strength and grace. It is as if, in celebration of life itself. It is a land of majestic palaces and forts rising out of the dunes. Rajasthan's thriving folk culture expresses itself in an abundance of pageantry and color, with exuberant festivals, dance and music in celebration of life.

  Royal India Weddings  

If you wish to get married like a king, come to the land of kings- India. Through its rich culture and tradition India offers the majestic touch to your much awaited wedding. Preferred by the likes of Hollywood star Elizabeth Hurley who chose India to get married in India, it is the most sought after locations for destination weddings. Right from the welcome drink to partying gifts every aspect of the wedding is carefully and meticulously planned here. Fleets of elephant, horses, and vintage cars in the background of a 14th century regal palaces as the venue for the wedding adds special aura to the wedding. The fireworks and the music played by bands dressed to the occasion in the traditional colourful clothes make the wedding a dream affair. Rituals like Mehndi, Haldi, and Sangeet which precede the wedding are important parts of a traditional Indian wedding and generate great enthusiasm among the guests In Indian weddings, guests occupy a place of pride and are given the best treatment by the hosts. For the bride and the groom an Indian wedding is no less than a fairy tale affair, as both of them are given a royal treatment and are dressed to the occasion in the most exclusive and colourful dresses.

  Best Season:-  

The best time for a royal wedding in India is from end August to mid April, when it is at its coolest. However, as this is also the peak tourist season for India, we recommend you plan and book well in advance to avoid accommodation and travel logistics problems later on.

  Wedding Celebrations:-  

An Indian wedding involves three days of celebration starting with


Few days before the wedding daily, both the bride and the groom are applied with Haldi or Upbtan is made of special herbs and turmeric powder over their bodies. The paste has the special purpose of making the skin radiant and fairer. On the day of the MEHNDI party, the Mehndi or Henna a natural dye is applied on the hands and feet of the bride in beautiful intricate patters of designs. The bride invites her friends, relatives and guests for the Mehndi party where henna is also applied on their palms & feet.

The designs are very beautiful and may have many themes like floral patterns, leaves, motifs etc. But the most exclusive of the designs are reserved for the bride. Henna is also applied on the arms and back of the bride like tattoo. After drying the henna leaves a maroonish brown colour which looks extremely beautiful. In India it is believed that the darker the colour of the Mehndi on the palms of the bride the more she will be loved by the groom. So Mehndi is not only a decorative item but is associated with the feeling of love among the future couple. It is this belief which makes Mehndi special for any bride. The day is completed with music and formal dinner served for the guests.

Ladies Sangeet night:-

The Mehndi party is followed by the night of Sangeet. Sangeet means music. This night is a musical night when relatives, friends and guest gather with the bride and the groom to sing, dance and dine together. Conducted by live orchestra, folk, traditional, and even trendy music is played which prepares the mood for the evening. Guests are first served a welcome drink and then invited on the dance floor to dance with the couple. The occasion becomes exciting as small fun filled games are played between the teams of the bride and the groom. At the end a formal dinner is served for all.

Mehandi - Royal Wedding (Click to Enlarge)

Ladies Sangeet - Royal Weddings (Click to Enlarge)

Wedding Night:-

A traditional Indian wedding is an elaborate affair with grand rituals proceeding the actual day of wedding. Care is taken to prepare both the bride and the groom in the best possible way for the wedding. The day of the wedding is the most eagerly waited affair. On the day of the, both the bride and the groom are specially dressed for the occasion in the most exclusive jewellery and costume. In the morning, the bride and groom are separately anointed with aromatic pastes and oils, and then bathed to the chanting of Vedic mantras. In the evening the groom gets ready to take the Baraat (marriage) procession to the bride’s place. The groom rides a magnificently decorated Elephant, Horse or a vintage car from the royal collection, followed by decorative Horses and Camels depending upon the choice, accompanied by his friends and guests. Liveried men with lances line up the entire length of the procession route with mashaals / lights in their hands. Young girls dressed in Rajasthani attire accompany the procession sprinkling rose petals and ittar (rose water) in the front, followed by Dhol / Nagada, traditional drums used for the auspicious occasions. The marriage procession is also accompanied by live band which plays beautiful tunes of wedding songs. The whole ambience gets transformed into a wonderful canvass with the brilliant display of colourful fireworks.

Wedding Night - Royal Weddings (Click to Enlarge)

  Locations for Dream Royal Marriages  

For an exotic wedding in a historic fort or royal palace, in Rajasthan we offers a delightful venues that let you go back in time. Enjoy a splendid dream wedding in royal style.

1. Udaipur
2. Jaisalmer
3. Bikaner
4. Jaipur
5. Neemrana
6. Jodhpur
7. Mandawa
8. Pushkar

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