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Rajasthan…..the land of festivities offers, animal fairs, religious fairs and fairs to celebrate the changing seasons. In fact, celebrations continues almost round the year and offer splendid opportunity to the visitors as they involve elephants/camel races, dances and music which have specially been organized. Among the better know fairs of Rajasthan are:


Nagaur Fair, Nagaur (Jan–Feb):

Essentially an cattle fair, provides an opportunity to participate in some of the local sports and to witness the unique red chilli market …..a sight to capture with camera.

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer (Jan-Feb):

One of the most popular of all festivals is a journey into the heart of the desert, the golden city of Jaisalmer that has a history of its own. A true show on the Thar Desert which attracts even the much-traveled visitors.

An evening on Sam Sand Dunes - Jaisalmer (Click to Enlarge)


Baneshwar Fair, Baneshwar (Jan-Feb):

A religious festival with simple and traditional rituals. This fair is the centre of attraction of a large number of tribes from the neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat who join their brethren from Rajasthan in offering prayers to Lord Shiva.

Gangaur, Jaipur (March-April):

A festival devoted to Goddess Paravati, the consort of Lord Shiva. It is time for young girls to dress up in their finery and pray for grooms of their choice while the married women pray for the well being of their husbands. This 28 days festival is laced with various activities and culminates in a grand procession.

Local market in Fair -Pushkar (Click to Enlarge)


Pushkar Fair, Ajmer (November):

The well-known and marked with largest participation of all the festivals of Rajasthan, Pushkar is an important pilgrimage as well as the venue of a mammoth cattle fair. Bazaars, auctions, music and sports are highlight of this event.

Mewar Festival, Udaipur (March-April):

A festival to welcome the spring season. There is song, dance, processions, devotional music and fireworks where almost everybody participates.

Snake Charmer - Pushkar Fair (Click to Enlarge)


Elephant Festival, Jaipur (March-April):

A festival to celebrate Holi, is great occasion for the visitor to watch several elephant sports and also play the festival of colours. A show is organized with elephants turning out in their best finery.

Summer Festival, Mount Abu.(June):

Organized at maiden hill station of Rajasthan. Tribal folk dances and a general atmosphere of gaiety prevail in this tiny hills resort and the tourist has ample time to relax and enjoy himself.

Elephant Safari - Jaipur (Click to Enlarge)


Chandra Bhaga Fair At Jaisalmer :

The cattle fair where religion blends with commerce. Livestock like Cows, horses, buffaloes, camels and bullocks are brought from distant parts for sale. Traders from various parts of Madhya-Pradesh and Maharashtra converge here and brisk trading takes place. The fair provides an opportunity for the tourists to acquaint themselves with the people of this region and their rituals and traditions at the bank of Chandrabhaga river.

Dusshera Mela at Kota :

Rich in courtly splendour and age old traditions, the Dussehra festival here is marked by a glittering procession which attracts thousands from the surrounding villages. Dramas depicting the Armageddon is very common. Like all festivals in Rajasthan, it provides a good opportunity to the traders to display their attractive wares to the rural and urban buyers. Small effigies of Lord Ram, Sita and Lakhsman are very common works of sculpture. The fair lasts for about a fortnight.

Camel Fair - Pushkar (Click to Enlarge)

Rajasthan Tourism Festival Calendar 2008
S.No. Fairs & Festivals Place Vikaram Samwat 2008 2009
1 Camel Festival Bikaner Paush-Shukla, (14-15) 21-22 Jan. 10-11 Jan.
2 Nagpur Fair(Ramdeoji Cattle Fair) Nagpur Magh-S, (7-10) 13-16 Feb. 2-5 Feb.
3 Desert Festival Jaisalmer Magh-S, (13-15) 19-21 Feb. 7-9 Feb.
4 Beneshwar Fair Beneshwar (Dungarpur) Magh-S, (11-15) 17-21 Feb. 6-9 Feb.
5 Braj Festival Bharatpur Phalgun-S(11-13) 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb.
6 Elephant Festival Jaipur Phalgun-S 15 21 Mar. 10 Mar.
7 Kailadevi Fair Karauli Chaitra-K(12) 3 Apr. 28 Mar.
8 Gangaur Festival Jaipur Chaitra-S(3-4) 8-9 Apr. 29-30 Mar.
9 Mewar Festival Udaipur Chaitra-S(3-5) 8-10 Apr. 29-31 Mar.
10 Mahaveerji Fair Mahaveerji Chaitra-S(9-15) 14-20 Apr. 3-9 Apr.
11 Summer Festival Mount Abu Vaishakha(13-Budh Purnima) 18-20 May 7-9 May
12 Teej Festival Jaipur Shravan-S(3-4) 4-5 Aug. 24-25 July
13 Kajli Teej Bundi Bhadra-K(2-3) 18-19 Aug. 8-9 Aug.
14 Dussehra Festival Kota Asvinan-S(8-10) 7-9 Oct. 26-28 Sept.
15 Matasya Festival Alwar Asvinan-S(8-9) 7-8 Oct 26-27 Sept.
16 Marwar Festival Jodhpur Asvinan-S(14-15) 13-14 Oct. 3-4 Oct.
17 Pushkar Fair Pushkar(Ajmer) Kartik-S(7-15) 5-13 Nov. 25 Oct.-2 Nov.
18 Chandrabhaga Fair Jhalawad Kartik-S 14 Magh-K-1 12-14 Nov. 1-3 Nov.

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